Tuesday, 12 October 2010

should I surface this one man submarine?


Mila García said...

sirenas :)


catchmuch said...

MAeve. i met you in pani. my name is adam. after you left all i had is your big glass of kalimucho. i forgot your blog name. and your name.

a few days ago my friend was sending me my own txt i wrote on his mobile. it was said chickenpieinthesky then i realised!

i never used a blog before so im checking what is it all about... i just open my first blog account and i think im gonna start using it. why not? im looking at some of your fotos.

do you write stuff in the blog aswell? it takes me time to figuer how to use this thing.
pues, espero que todo va bien con tu vida donde estes y q estas contenta. you left me with a strong impression. you seem like fun

un beso desde figueres. spain. x adam