Monday, 22 February 2010

Cottingley fairies / Las hadas de Cottingley, 1917.

Elsie Wright y Frances Griffiths from Cottingley (England).

June 30th, first letter from Arthur Conan Doyle to Elsie Wright.

Miss Elsie Wright
31, Main Street
near Bingley

"Dear Miss Elsie Wright

I have seen the wonderful pictures of the fairies which you and your cousin Frances have taken, and I have not been so interested for a long time. I will send you tomorrow one of my little books for I am sure you are not too old to enjoy adventures. I am going to Australia soon, but I only wish before I go that I could get to Bradford and have half an hours chat with you, for I should like to hear all about it. With best wishes

Yours sincerely

Arthur Conan Doyle

Mr Gardner told me about it."

*Acalorados debates sobre fotos trucadas, espiritismo, incesantes viajes a Cottingley, eminencias involucradas, análisis de placas fotográficas, y el misterio en torno a las hadas. La única cosa que importa es tu fé en ellas. Si crees, las verás. *


ahida kokoro agirre said...

oh esto es muy bonito!!!!

Tomás Hijo said...

Temazo. ¿Conoces a Richard "Dickie" Doyle? Era tío de tu sir Arthur, así que algo tuyo también.